I explore how technology and creative thinking can be applied as a marketing tool in retail and entertainment world, as well as look at how immersive technology (AR/VR/MR) and other technologies are evolving and how they could alter the landscape of the learning environment for personal, professional and team development. My work is also focused on how technology can be used as a tool for social engagement, retail and branding.

I have written two papers published by The Masie Center – VRLearn: Virtual Reality and Learning (2017), and Immersive Realities for Learning and Performance (2018). Both papers explore the possibilities of VR/AR training for employee development.

I am also a contributing writer for VRScout, covering the latest trends, news and advancements in VR/AR technology.

My articles and reports have been accessed by learning leaders from organizations such as American Express, Bank of America, Google, Nike, Disney Co, Fidelity, Boeing, as well as technology enthusiast all across the globe.

I have partnered with organizations such as Siemens Technology and Motorola as a consultant on their initiative to bring in an AR/VR element into their work landscapes, a frequent presenter on immersive technology in marketing and branding to the Western Washington University Digital Marketing Class in Bellingham, WA, as well as a guest on the UK’s TalkRadio Programs such as The Gadget Hour with Andy Jaye, and Adam Catterall as a technology expert.

I also have experience with creating and editing original videos for marketing/engagement, recording studio work, and storytelling.

My work history is constantly growing with e-commerce experience, SEO, social media marketing, creative writing, marketing and branding strategies, event planning and promotions.

Please reach out to me to discuss how my expertise with technology can play a role within your organization.

I’m on Twitter! Find me @Bcarlton727 for tweets on my work and the latest in immersive tech.

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